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I invest as a business angel and find more investors in my network for you

Søren Houmøller's Investment Portfolio

1st Move is the investment portfolio of 1st Mile's Founder and CEO Søren Houmøller.

Søren is an executive with strong business and management experience, combined with understanding of what it takes to make a new technology a commercial success.

1st Move's Investment Criteria

1st Move is dedicated to discovering innovative and scalable business projects with strong market potential.


1st Move asks for a solid business plan supported by numbers and concrete plans for initial sales.

To be considered for an investment, several criteria must be fulfilled: the idea, value proposition, description of market, customers and competition, commercial idea and strategy, and key people.


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1st Move's Investment Portfolio

Get to Know 1st Move's Current Investments


Kvasir Technologies ApS

Green, sustainable fuel for ships 

Kvasir has a patented technology that converts non-edible plant biomass into a shelf stable, CO2 neutral marine fuel that can be used in ship engines with no switching costs.


LED Aviation A/S

Disinfecting security systems in airport

A spin-out of LED iBond, LED Aviation disinfects hand luggage trays and other equipment in security lines in airport.



Concentrated Solar Power and Solar Cooker Providers

Heliac's concentrated solar heat (CSH) panels produce high-temperature heat in utility scale at costs below any other source of energy. The panels produce heat in same temperature ranges as troughs for CSP, and can thus be integrated into the same systems.

Winner of DI Prisen 2019.


LED iBond

Intelligent Infrastructure Integrating Light, Data and Electricity

LED iBond empowers the future of illuminated IoT through its intelligent system, which can enable IoT infrastructure in one super-slim panel.



Proprietary Finance Trading Algorithm Factory

Nordix Systems is a Danish fintech company that develops proprietary trading algorithms, models and analytical research for institutional finance and professional investors.



Sustainable Biomass Fuels Trading Platform

BiomassPool is Denmark's energy exchange for trading sustainable biomass, which allows market participants to buy and sell wood chips and ultimately conclude contracts for delivery of tiles under specified terms and contract periods.

Wind Harvest International


Leading Vertical Axis Wind Turbines (VAWT) Provider)

Wind Harvest International’s mission is to offer cost-effective and durable vertical axis wind turbines (VAWTs), develop new markets for wind energy, and integrate VAWTs into wind farms in order to optimize land use and energy production.

Exited Investments​



Eye tracking made accessible

Obital has created the world's most affordable and accessible eye tracking software for the ones needing it the most. No complicated calibration or additional hardware required. All from a regular smartphone.

Technology sold to GN Audio in January 2021.

puriZAP kopi.jpg

LED VirusKill

Disinfecting anything with LED-based UV light

A spin-out of LED iBond, LED VirusKill disinfects surfaces and objects with handheld devices at low costs with a sleek design.

Steeper Energy


Cost-effective platform to convert biomass into transportation fuels

Steeper Energy is a world leader in the development of advanced biofuels from low-value biomass, such as residues and wastes from the agriculture and forest industries.

Bought out by managent.


Do you have an innovative cleantech startup or business project in the making? Do you want to learn more about 1st Move's investment criteria?
Contact us to find out what we can do to help in getting your business out into the world.

Where is 1st Move?

1st Move is located is located in two places in Denmark

- Jægersborg Alle 1, 2920 Charlottenlund, Denmark

- Diplomvej 381, 2800 Kongens Lyngby, Denmark

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